Monday, August 27, 2007

social media abound in grady

And you thought this was the only cool social media class being taught in Grady College at UGA, didn't you? Well, then you seem to have forgotten Dr. Scott Shamp & the New Media Institute.

This class is rather tame compared to Dr. Shamp's class this semester - which is being taught in SecondLife.

That is right. Not on SecondLife, but in SecondLife.

Some of his "classroom rules" ... ummm ... well, they might go without saying in the first life:
“Please don’t sit on the fountain during class. Don’t forget that everyone needs to wear clothes the next time we meet. And, please, try and remember not to fly during class time.”
We're going to be lucky enough to have Dr. Shamp to tell us all about SecondLife in our our class on Sept. 11 - so everyone please don't site on the fountain, wear clothes & avoid flying when he visits us.

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LEL said...

wait a second... these requirements were definitely not listed in the syllabus... I'll see what I can do.