Saturday, September 22, 2007

PR 2.0 Essentials Made Easy

This may seem very simple-minded to those that are technologically inclined but this guidebook seriously turned a light on upstairs for me. As we all know the social media world is changing ever so quickly, and it is our job as the communicator to be involved and understand these new medias. Todd S. Defren, a principal at SHIFT Communications said:

"As the consumer-generated media wave continues to crest, it will be incumbent
on the PR industry to stay current, in order to remain a relevant source of
story ideas for the media."

This guidebook was created for the employees at SHIFT Communications. It has all the basics about social media tools, such as podcasts, wikis, blogs, and many more interesting tools. Although SHIFT Communications has geared this guidebook towards the business aspects of these media tools, I related to them for use in personal, everyday blogging. The section on blog commenting can really be used in all aspects of blogging. We all want to have the same blogging etiquette whether we are blogging professionally or personally.

These essential tools for PR 2.0 can be mistaken for the definition or interpretation of PR 2.0 itself. PR 2.0 is not the tools being discussed in the guidebook, its an event or an entire overlooking theme in today's public relations field . Brian Solis of the PR 2.0 blog posted:

The concept of PR 2.0 as I defined it, is the evolution of industry practices
forced by the shift, and the process, of influence in a social economy that has
created a new layer of influencers. I'm not a proponent of labels, but for the
time being, it is different and requires explanation.
With these two points of view, I was able to see that the guidebook was the perfect explanation for the tools of PR 2.0 and not a guidebook for PR 2.0 itself. Now I feel much better about using the tools of PR 2.0. I also have a better understanding of the difference between the tools and the actual concept of PR 2.0.

Thursday, September 20, 2007

True Life: College Is Over

So...I'm a senior this year and graduation is upon me this upcoming May. I have made so many memories these past four years and I want to remember them forever! I am going to compose a YouTube video of popular songs, news articles, and photos about things that have happened these past four years. I want to evoke memories for the senior class and allow them to identify with me. I also hope that the video will inspire prospective students to go to college and encourage current students to seize the moment. Carpe Diem!

Success in the Music Industry

Because my family is heavily emersed in the music industry, I am trying to pursue PR in entertainment. This week I will be attending the Atlantis Music Conference and Festival in Atlanta, Ga. There will be numerous panels on the various aspects of the music industry including publishing, choosing producers, getting jobs and marketing plans. Some featured panelists are Bryan Calhoun, Jonathon Alexander and Brian Michael Cox. There will also be alot of bands playing in the surrounding venues.

I plan on taking all the knowledge I gain from this awesome experience and creating a "How to Succeed in the Music Industry" YouTube video. It will be somewhat like an instructional video.

I cannot wait to attend all the panels and network with all the music executives!


...and I want to share that love!

What better way than showcasing UGA on YouTube! I am going to make a video about UGA, probably making fun of it along the way, and post it on Youtube. I'll let you know when I am done so you can watch it too!!!

Georgia is for dog lovers

After living in a dorm and an apartment for three years, I am finally living in a house this year that allows me to have my two dogs. As I have explored Athens with my dogs, I have been able to find some great dog friendly places. I have decided to create a blog that will contain information and photos of dog friendly places in the North Georgia area to share with my fellow dog enthusiasts. My goal is to attract as many dog lovers as possible that will give me feedback, suggestions of other places to go, and their dog related experiences as well. Since this is my first official blogging experience, I also plan on "re-vamping" my blog throughout the semester.

Here is my blog, go check it out!
I studied abroad in Innsbruck, Austria the summer after my sophomore year and had a blast. Countless study abroad programs are offered here at UGA, so I wanted to incorporate that into this project.

For my social media project I'm going to try my hand at making a YouTube video. I'll use iMovie to create a video that includes some video, pictures, and music.

I'll post it on here once I'm done, so keep an eye out for that...

A Rolling Stone Gathers No Moss

Since becoming a student of Grady I've realized I'm a HUGE underachiever. It's not that I have no ambition. I just don't know where to direct it. Instead of waiting for a career to find me I've decided to try to find a career, or at least narrow my options. So this a a blog of my attempts for an internship. Hopefully someone will learn from my mistakes, or at the very least laugh at them.

Here's my blog.

You read mine and I'll read yours?

Say queso!

My social media project will be modeled after Mark Hunter's Cobrasnake project. I will use Flickr to make a photo journal about happenings around Athens. From the local garage sale to a Thursday night at Boar's Head, I will be taking polaroid-esque photos of the spirit of Athens. Think a more artsy pic-man.

Join me on an adventure of meeting new people and discovering new places in the beloved Classic City.

How do you spell public relations? PR.

“Speaking phonetically, Pee Arh” is a blog that examines all facets of public relations (PR) at the University of Georgia, the Public Relations Student Society of America and daily life. I want it to be a communication tool for UGA’s PRSSA chapter and I hope it will create a connection with other chapters. “Pee Arh” will be a resource for members that can help define the broad scope of public relations. Check it out at

Challenge My Character

After struggling back and forth with several ideas of what to blog about for this project, I have decided I am going to use this project to try and make myself a better person.

My blog will be entries about the experiences I have trying to complete a new character challenge (e.g. absolutley no lying) each week. My three roomates have agreed to come up with the challenges, and have quite a laundry list of possibilities already.

Check out Challenge My Character and see if I have what it takes to be a better person each week!

Photo 365: Social Media Project

I love taking pictures. I guess you might call it somewhat of an addictive hobby that I have. For my social media project- I'll be creating a photoblog. One picture for everyday of the year, or in the very least, the semester.
I hope to capture unique things going on in my life, learn things about myself I didn't know, and connect with other people who also enjoy living life behind a camera.

I'm currently under construction, but I would love if you came and took a look around!


Me and YouTube

So basically, I'm going down to Jacksonville, Fla. to see Georgia take on Florida for just the second time in my life. I last went in 2004, which also happens to be the last time the Bulldogs beat the Gators, and I had an absolute blast. Obviously, I'm hoping for a similar experience this time around. But regardless, I've decided that I will be documenting this trip through many pictures. I want to go to every part of the city I can find and get shots of as many different people as I can find - Dawg fans, Gator fans and other. My hope is to capture the overall scene and atmosphere of this multi-day event. In the end, I'll be taking the best of what I was able to gather and putting it together in a short video with background music that I'll record myself. I will then post the video on YouTube and watch the hits and comments pile up. I hope that when this is all tied together it will have some sort of overall symbolism or meaning that is readily apparent. But, of course, that's all very ambiguous right now. Well, that's about it.

Oh, I almost forgot... GO DAWGS! :)

I have a second life too...

...or at least I will try.

My project will be my attempt to build a successful art gallery in secondlife. I will be creating the art myself.

yay for virtual worlds.

Two Left Feet

So as the president of Uga's Ballroom Dance Club, I thought "Why not dance through class?".

So my blog is about learning to dance, aka the process of return my two left feet into a coordinated right and left. I'm planning to post lessons one all of the basics of the most common ballroom dances and some of our favorite fancy moves. I hope to reach potential dancers who want to learn, current dancers who want to brush on the basics and learn some new moves, and in the big plan I hope that other dancers will post their favorite moves too.

So I hope you'll stop in for a quick Cha- Cha lesson some time soon.

Happy dancing

NHL Blog

I'm going to go out on a limb and believe that very few know who Sidney Crosby, Vincent Lecavalier or Dany Heatley are. I'm probably right. It isn't your fault, mind you, but the simple fact you're probably from the South where fall Saturdays become your weekly Sabbath.

For those who have some clue as to who these NHL stars are, congrats. You might realize how these young players are changing the game similar to Maurice Richard, Mario Lemieux and, of course, the Great One.

My goal is to inform, educate and enlighten America about this wonderful, fast-paced sport. The blog,, will feature frequent updates with rumors, trades, scores and opinions from your's truly.


And for my Canadians... Amuser et appr├ęcier!

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

It's all Greek to me!

Many students on campus would agree that The Red & Black sometimes is viewed as an anti-Greek organization. Although the paper occasionally publishes an article about an event a fraternity or sorority is having, more often than not the only news coverage Milledge Avenue receives is concerning whoever has gotten himself into trouble most recently.

My life sometimes turns into an interesting conflict of interests as I am both a sorority girl and starting my third semester as a Red & Black staffer. When the buzz in the newsroom began about the possibility of blogs becoming a part of our online news site, I jumped at the opportunity to start a Greek life blog. While I doubt my blog will be the catalyst for mass amounts of positive press for Greek, I've been doing my best to put some positive PR out there for the Greek community, with The Red & Black's name attached.

No matter what your personal feelings about Greek life are, I hope you all will check out my blog, Greek Speak. My goal is to tackle controversial issues and events pertaining to Greeks as well as broadcast the plethora of philanthropy events hosted throughout the semester. Please leave me a comment and let me know what you think!

No Alpo here

For my project in class, I decided to start a blog that describes and critiques restaurants in Athens. My main audience is college students, so I'm trying to talk about restaurants they would like. I decided to call it Dawgfood, so I'm hoping that's a pretty good signal of who I want to talk to.

So far, I have made a post about The Mellow Mushroom and The Grit. My introductory post pretty much states my purpose, and I am having a BLAST so far! Please go check it out!

Victims of fashion royalty

So a fashion blog like is really predicatble coming from a 21-year-old girl, but I'm putting a new twist on things...I'm mixing fashion with social media, and I can't wait.

I'm going to take pictures of girls and boys with the best fashion sense in Athens and ask them (and their friends) to comment on what I have to say about their clothes and other fashion royalties I've spotted in Athens. With our fashion design school and willing students, I plan to check out the next fashion designers coming out of UGA and all they have to offer. I plan to use Web 2.0 at a new level that screams fashion from post to post.

Welcome to Georgia!

I'm a Georgian! You're a Georgian! We're all Georgians! Hooray! I bet My Georgia is different than yours though.

I am from a small town in Georgia whose claim-to-fame is an event called the Red Neck Games (you may have seen it on MTV a few years ago), while most students here are from Atlanta. Throughtout this semester I plan to capture this kind of small-town culture that is off the beaten path of the agendas of larger cities. I want to capture that which is "small-town Georgia."

Strangers no more

My parents told me not to talk to strangers, but I never listen to them! Check out my blog, 5 questions for everyday people.

I plan to go out on a limb and inquire about ordinary strangers.

Who's that old lady in the coffee shop? What is he reading over there? What's that teenager listening to on his iPod? What does that mom of four do with her kids on weekends?

Well, I'm about to find out!

interpersonal relationships readings

Please read the following before class tomorrow & be prepared to discuss interpersonal relationships in social media:
What do YOU want to talk about tomorrow?

My social media project

I guess I'll be the first to post about my social media project!

I'm interested in blogs, so I thought I'd try my hand at one. It's scarier than I thought it would be, putting my writing out for everyone to see. With much trepidation, I'll link here to the blog - it's named There's a Mouse in my House! (And other tales of college woe).

I'm focusing on my life, but from the point-of-view of a college student. Not just the football games and late-night study sessions, but the smaller things like the crisis that is Running Out of Peanut Butter and mice crawling around my house at night. Ew.

I'm also really interested in being able to build a Web site, so I'm going to be making some changes in the site as part of my grade - a new banner, changing the spacing (I've already done that!), perhaps switching from one platform to another, etc.

Feel free to ... scratch that. Please, please, please visit my blog! I need the traffic. :)

Social Media Product

I created a blog for my social media product. It is titled The Real Full House by Savannah Harp. It's about the everyday life of five UGA students, three cats, two goats, a dog and a cop. I plan on posting at least two times a week. Check me out at

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Newspapers and Social Media

I attended a Grady lecture today that has some interesting information relating to Public Relations. Jim Alred from the Rome News-Tribune discussed how this small town newspaper is moving to the web. Alred is the new media director, and he is working on putting video on the newspaper's website to attract readers.

Every video he posts has to do with what is going on in the community. Most videos accompany a news article, each having a teaser to the other. However, some videos are not big enough to have a story to go along with it. For example, he filmed an elementary schools carnival where students dressed up as circus animals and performed. This story was not big enough to be in the paper but the video allowed parents and relatives to catch a glimpse of their child on the web, drawing them to the newspaper. The biggest video is the weekly high school football show that Alred creates.

Alred's work is paying off. Rome News-Tribune is growing (unlike most newspapers in the state and country), and its website is getting more and more hits. This move is important for Public Relations professionals to note. Newspapers want a community angle that will relate to its readers, and it does not just want information but video, audio, and pictures. In order for our stories to be published, we need to give journalist a variety of options to work with. Maybe something is not newspaper story worthy, but it might be video on the website worthy. The video will probably be seen by the same amount of people if not more.

Every aspect of business is using new technology. We, as communicators, need to realize this and use it to our advantage.