Friday, September 14, 2007

Creed's blog

Even NBC knows that blogs are the new thing...

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Ashley Beebe said...

NBC has also MySpace pages for most of The Office characters. Below is Pam's; her page links to other characters' pages:

I love how this show, and by default NBC, have embraced the interactivity of entertainment today. They are beginning to realize that viewers of television shows are not happy with simply viewing the program at its preset time once a week. Viewers want to be able to access the information whenever they want it, and they want to be able to understand the characters more fully - beyond the 30 minutes alloted.

To answer this market demand NBC allows (to some extent) clips to be posted on YouTube, MySpace pages for the characters, Creed's blog, and the ability to watch full episodes online. This is yet another example of social media allowing people to decide what they want and big business answering the call.