Wednesday, September 5, 2007

How should smaller org PR folks go about editing Wikipedia?

As we discussed class, PR practitioners should avoid making edits on Wikipedia regarding their company. Why? Because it is so easy to be "caught" & it goes against the online community's norms.

Social media expert Josh Hallett has long preached that company's should respect these rules & just stay away. But a recent post on his blog shows that he is struggling with finding the "right way" for practitioners to actually communicate in a void where an organization's entry is nearly non-existent.

He has a good process outlined, but admits he expects very little feedback & buy-in from a company. This, of course, is probably why they org doesn't have much in their entry to begin with -- no one is talking about them.

We can't all work for major corporations where there is already a lot going on ... so questions like how the "regular guys" can ethically & acceptably operate are still in the air.

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