Friday, September 7, 2007

Job Blogs?

As we begin to realize that our final season at the University of Georgia is coming to a close, the pressures of finding a job continue to bear down on us.

I know that I want to stay in the southeast, but I don't necessarily want to be in a city as big as Atlanta. I have been looking at moving to Charlotte, NC following graduation, but I don't have any connections there. How do I find jobs? good companies? safe neighborhoods? I started searching online for a Web site about job fairs when I cam across This blog offers information about job openings, events and resume help for the Charlotte area.

They have a portal on the side where you can chat with a representative and ask questions. I asked her a few questions about how to get started as a entry level person and she was very helpful. She even asked for my resume because she knew some people in the field I wanted to get in.

Wouldn't it be nice for companies, universities and other employment agencies to have something like this? Way to go NC!


The Employment Guide said...

Hello! Glad I could offer some help. From one person who's relocated to another, it's tough but it can be done. Good luck!

Asha said...

My best friend is considering relocating to Charlotte, N.C. following graduation also so I told her to check out this blog. She had been skeptical about making this move but after reading this blog she feels confident about her decision. Through the blog she chatted with a representative who assured her about the job market. I'm not sure if she had considered reading a blog but she found it very helpful. Thanks LEL from me and my best friend!