Monday, October 8, 2007

Facebook and iTunes team up against MySpace

Although Facebook and MySpace serve similar purposes, in my opinion they never seemed to compete directly. While Facebook’s sole purpose (at least originally) was to be a social networking device for college students, MySpace seemed to entice a younger population as well as a majority of those interested in the music scene. Unlike on Facebook, bands on MySpace could create pages and offer clips of songs to constantly attract new fans.

Most of my friends have accounts only on facebook, but many of musically inclined friends, as well as my high-school-aged sister, prefer MySpace. Until recently, the two entities seemed to draw separate crowds.

Now Facebook may be taking steps to compete directly with one of the only unique characteristics of MySpace – it’s music scene. According to, Facebook soon “will reportedly let bands and labels create artists pages, and allow various widgets to be embedded for music promotion, organizing events, and more. Among those widgets would be iLike, the most popular app inside Facebook, but will also include iTunes widgets for listening to 30-second song samples, and eventually allowing users to buy music through Apple.”

The article does mention that this news has not been confirmed officially by Facebook or MySpace, and another Web site claims Facebook may not be teaming up with iTunes but could in fact be creating an iTunes competitor.

Bloggers and news sources are wondering whether this possible new Facebook application will lead to the downfall of MySpace or whether MySpace’s history of being a cyber home for musicians will win in the long run.

With all of the Facebook hype in recent news, I believe MySpace’s glory days may become a thing of the past. If musicians transfer their Web sites from old “spaces” to new and possibly “cooler” pages on Facebook, MySpace will have lost a majority of it’s remaining fans.


Abby Simonds said...

I think you're right that MySpace is losing it's grip as the leader in social networking websites, much to Rupert Murdoch's dismay. I find one of the good things about Facebook is that my profile is automatically private to those outside my networks, unlike facebook. However, if I do start receiving numerous friend requests from bands on facebook I might close my account like I did on myspace. I prefer to seek my music out, not have bands contact me.

Tolu O. said...

I think that until Facebook creates a means of actual site personalization and and allows users to actually upload their own content onto it, Myspace will still have one-up over Facebook.

If all the rumors are true and Facebook is going to become a major competitor with itunes and Myspace (which i highly doubt because I heard that at least 2 major companies are trying to buy Facebook and the creator, I believe his name is Mark ?????, said he would sell when it reaches a billion dollars) then Myspace and itunes will definitely step theirup game. They both have very good and strong media and technology houses backing them and they both have money at their disposal.

Anyway, I personally feel like Myspace is a bit cluttered and Facebook is becoming so as well. Maybe, all this convergence of media forms and self expression just needs to stop. (yeah right.)

Savannah Harp said...

I definitely agree with you Tolu, facebook is becoming cluttered like MySpace. In regards to the musician aspect of the post, I think that the musicians will stick by their original outlet. With all the other applications that Facebook offers I think that MySpace is still going to be the musician hub on the internet.

Alicia said...

I think you're right as well, Facebook is definitely "one-uping" MySpace. Not only are they incorporating music but fashion as well. They launched a new way of looking at fashion on Facebook by joining a group. While MySpace is more about getting information only through friending, Facebook makes items accessible through placing categories right there in front of you on your profile.