Wednesday, October 17, 2007

The NYT is my Pimp.

So I have gotten into the habit of reading the NYT, and I have decided there are a lot of stupid people and a lot of smart people. For this post, I will focus on the smart people, or at least the smart people jumping on the social media bandwagon.

1. LinkedIn: ht to Alicin for already clueing us in on that. Bigger ht to Dan Nye, CEO of LinkedIn, for creating Facebook for old people.

2. Google googling: According to the NYT, Google has been less than successful in the social network world. Over the next year, Google is planning to use the information/connection it has about users to create something called the "social graph." Google wants to sell advertising for Facebook (Microsoft does that now) as it does currently for MySpace. All this kind of creeps me out. Have any of you realized that the advertising on the right hand side of your e-mails comes from words IN your e-mail. WHY? Why is Google trying to make my e-mail information available to the person sitting across from me? That person can glance over to my screen and see "Find A Date in Athens" and start thinking all kinds of nonsense.

Google is going to take over the world.

3. YAY for Avatars!!!!: They are several virtual worlds. You can have an Avatar in each world. Now some really smart people are creating an Avatar that can travel across different virtual worlds. Props to I.B.M and Linden Lab.

4. I can seee youuuuu!: Several companies are creating video chat services. Well two that I am going to talk about.

TokBox-With TokBox, you do not have to download any software you just record a video message and send a link. Fun!

MySpace and Skype: These two companies, owned by media giants, are teaming up to join the largest voice network with the largest video and social network. Now you can video, test and voice chat at the same time. Kewl!!!!

The Big Debate: TokBox vs. MySpace and Skype.
You decide.


Nina Eyrich said...

Great Post Tolu! I have to give you credit for reading the NYT. Sometimes it’s so hard for me to get passed the 50 word leads!

Having said that, I completely agree with you on Google. I recently switched to G-mail; I love it and it makes e-mailing people a breeze, but all the advertising makes me queasy.

To hear that they are now planning to sell advertising on Facebook really turns me off. Since Facebook opened up the network, and businesses have started creating applications, I've found myself using it less and less.

I feel as though businesses are already forgetting about the two-way conversation and damaging the conversation with all this advertising.

We all know that the Social Media world is young, and with that comes trial and error. I hope that this sudden influx of advertising is just that- an error to be corrected in the future. For me? The sooner, the better.

Kelly Jones said...

I am a huge Google advocate. Although they do use the creepy Ads next to your e-mail, you have to admit that they can be really useful. The odds are that you are interested in what they are offering (not that you can't get a date, Tolu). I like how they can tell when someone is sending you information for a meeting or some sort of commitment, and they give you a prompt to add the dates and times to your Google Calendar. I think Google does it right when it comes to advertising. It is as subtle as possible. Think about the most valuable ad space Google has to offer...their homepage. I love how they haven't sold out, and they still keep it clean. That way, the "Google Doodle" is still the focus.