Wednesday, October 31, 2007

YouTube Video Project

Well, this is it. Below you'll find that I've embedded the video I created for my project. It's basically a celebration of Georgia's fantastic victory over Florida that happened just last Saturday. I got permission to use the photographs in the video from a friend at, the Rivals Web site for Georgia. The picture quality may appear to be a bit distorted. I did intend for this to happen. I placed an effect on the video to make it appear like the slide show is running on an aged film reel. I'll leave it for you to judge, but hopefully you'll enjoy it. I was also happy with the backing track. It's a classical work by J.S. Bach. Now you might be saying, "Classical? What does that music have to do with football?" Normally, not much. But for me, once I heard it behind this photo set, it meant everything to have it there. As many of you know, the game against the Gators was chock-full of emotion. The Bach piece is also very emotional, and I think it highlights the state of the game.

But enough about the video itself. Let me mention briefly the marketing strategy. I'm happy to say that the Web site which provided the photos to me will also be placing a link to my video on their "Dawgs' Eye View" page sometime soon. So be sure to check it out. In addition, I plan to share it with a variety of other SEC related message boards. Finally, I also write a college football blog called Down & Distance and I'll be posting the video on there in a day or so. I hope to attract a lot of attention. Please tell your friends! =)

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Karen said...

Geoffrey, I love your choice of music and think it's great that you took a risk on the "newsreel" style. They both add some drama to still photos. Good job!