Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Building relationships with bloggers 101

One of our wonderful social media spotlites, Mr. Brian Solis, wrote a blog post about 10 ways to help PR practitioners build relationships with bloggers. Mr. Solis put it best by saying, "bloggers relations and participation are crucial to the future of your business." As future PR practitioners, we all should listen to the helpful advice!

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Putnam said...

For one of the first times I can remember, I agree with something Brian Solis wrote. His post is virutally a step-by-step venture in describing blogger relations.

Personally, I think bloggers write these posts to make themselves feel more imporant. I digress.

I think Brian could break this entire post down in step eight.

Step eight offers the "C"s to Blogger Relations.


Whether it's the blogger or someone pitching an idea, these six ideas are crucial to the development of any communication plan. Instead of making overbreadth statements, why not just stick to a core group of points such as step eight?