Saturday, November 17, 2007

Hyku rant

Josh Hallett couldn't take any more of the bs and he just had to write (rant) about it.

Here it is. I hope you get as much amusement as i did from it.


LEL said...

Funny... Public relations calling out other public relations. There is such a fine line here because of the difference between an educator in the field of social media and an expert user.

I know that if I invite the head of a traditional PR firm he is going to plug his firm. Is it not okay for social media users, experts, whatever... to do the same thing? This is interesting

Alicin said...

How do people, like speakers who encourage you to edit Wikipedia posts about yourself, maintain enough credibility in the social media world or PR world in general for that matter get invited to speak at conferences that are obviously a big enough deal that people like Josh come from all over the country to attend?

I'm not a conference expert or anything. The UGA Connect conference was my first, but it is my perception, and correct me if I'm wrong, that people who are invited to speak at conferences are those that we could, rather should, learn from. They are people who have pioneered their way through PR and social media to the point that they have created their own name as a brand, the couture of social media if you will. Shouldn't these people be our role models of whom we should mimick in our own professional lives? Wow...