Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Social Media Resume

Have you ever stared at your half-finished resume wondering how you were going to make it seem unique? I have, and in my frustration last week, I gave up. I decided to take a break and look at the blogs I follow. Amazingly, I came across some useful information...the social media resume.

Listen to what I learned.

Here are some links that I refer to in the podcast:

Paull Young
Bryper Blog
Six Pixels of Separation


Nina Eyrich said...

Thanks for drawing our attention to this, Erin! I listened to your podcast, the Foward podcast, and I even checked Bryper's own social media resume.

I disagree with one point, and that is completely getting rid of the typical B&W paper resume. At this point, I don't think that's advisable. At best I say you'd do well to have both. That way your marketing yourself as someone who has many skill as opposed to just those related to social media.

As Anna Farmery said in the FOWARD podacast, it shows that you are adaptible to many different kinds of communication within the realm of PR.

I'm definitely going to utilize this tool as I'm applying to internships this summer. So thanks!

Karen said...

Very cool to see someone take what they're learning and apply it the way you did.