Monday, November 5, 2007

Wikipedia: Your Source for Obscure Information

The events of my day have left me very razdraz, fellow classmates. First, I had to be up at an hour I don't care to mention to itty off to skolliwoll. Just as I was heading out of town, I viddied the lights of a millicent behind me wanting me to stop. He was a bolshy veck, with a wide brooko and he told me that I was going 14 over the speed limit. Well this made me quite bezoomny but I politely told him that I was on my way to skolliwoll and didn't want to be late. Well this veck proceeded to scold me like I was some malenky malchick for about five minootas before letting me go with a warning. It shocked me because I thought he was a real bratchny. Anyway, I got out of there skorry and went on my way. Then I finally got to my class (late, thanks to the millicent) and had to slooshy as the teacher veck went on and on about some chepooka. I was not feeling very horrowshow at this point. Later I was off to get some pishcha in town. I settled on a Japanese place that was a malenky bit expensive. I ended up with no pretty polly in my pockets and a very marginal meal to show for it. After getting back home, I first fed the koshka and then started upstairs to study. I tolchocked my big toe on the last wooden step. Now I'm typing this post but I'm very fagged and need to zasnoot soon so that I can be up to go rabbit early in the morning. Maybe it seems silly to you that I'm complaining about these malenky annoying veshches that filled my day, but I'm just worn out. Have any of you vecks or devotchkas ever felt that way?

Confused? Probably so, unless you're intimately familiar with the Anthony Burgess' "A Clockwork Orange." The strange words I used are drawn from Nadsat - the language used the principle character and his droogs (or friends) in the aforementioned book. Anyway, I've always liked the novel and have oft wondered what it would be like to write a diary blog using only Nadsat. Sometimes I toss in a few words in my daily conversations. My friends really hate it. But the good news is, Wikipedia can help you understand everything I just said. You see, somebody took the time to compile a real horrowshow (or good) list of all the Nadsat you need to know. So check it out, and get a sense of just how awful my day turned out. Huzzah for obscure Wikipedia uses!

Oh, and I'll be sure to let you know if I do end up writing that blog... =)

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Ashley B. said...

Geoff - your post reminded me of this shirt at Threadless:

I don't think you can buy it anymore though. So ... just enjoy looking at it?