Saturday, November 3, 2007


Most of us know what YouTube is, right? Whether we use it to watch funny videos, political debates or to promote our social media projects, the majority of our generation is familiar with this website that is used to share videos.

I found an article ( on that details GodTube, a video-sharing website with Christian content. Created by Clay Wyatt, a seminary student from Texas, GodTube drew more than 4 million unique visitors during October of this year. The videos on this new website include everything from comedy videos to theological debates. I even found this little gem:

As social media tools like YouTube become more and more mainstream, will we continue to see more sites like GodTube that target certain demographics? I believe that we will. It's only natural for smaller, more specific programs to emerge as the originals gain popularity. These new tools would cater towards a smaller population sector and ease the difficulty of finding certain types of videos. I would imagine that pretty soon we'll see video-sharing site that are specific to different regions, sports, television shows and so forth.


Asha said...

That was GREAT!!!

Lauren Groblewski said...

Hahaha - that was hilarious.

Lindsey Loughman said...

I haven't seen that video in years.. brings back memories

Katie Vandegrift said...

You beat me to it Tim! I was going to write a blog post about GodTube, but unfortunately I found out about this particular website from a less credible source; According to ComScore’s Media Metrix, GodTube was the fastest-growing website in the entire United States the month of August. I agree with Tim in which we are going to see more and more catered websites for certain demographics. Not only does GodTube eliminate YouTube user’s searches for religious content, but it also provides users with a sense of security and safety. The new catered tools provide a place for people to come together with other visitors that share similar interests, such as religious views in particular. People no longer have to worry about coming across inappropriate videos while searching websites like GodTube.