Friday, November 2, 2007

Gah, I love this stuff.

After our discussion on crisis communication Thursday, I went and checked out the Web site of Levick strategic communications in Washington D.C. They also have a blog, and I decided to read what was on it.

The most recent post talked about customer service during crisis situations. I left a comment asking if they think Twitter is a good way to communicate during crises.

Richard Levick, President and CEO, replied to my post, and this is what he said:
Good point, Katherine. We’ve found that most ‘big’ companies are still trying to get a grasp on things like dealing with RSS feeds and interacting with the blogosphere, so we feel like it will be a while before companies and large organizations finally jump on the Twitter bandwagon. That said, Twitter is certainly effective for getting the word out to a select group of folks–but just like the blogosphere, there’s no gatekeeper–so the info may or may not be completely accurate. I think we may see some of the more cutting edge Web 2.0/Web 3.0 tech companies adopting this as another customer touchpoint, but they’ll have to create strong value-add reasons to get folks to sign up for their Twitter updates.
Now we have another friend out there who knows about our class! Yay for fun social media.

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Gentry said...

That is so awesome that Levick responded!

I think he reinforced what we said in class. Social Media tools are tactics in a bigger PR plan. Reaching a public is a great thing and if twittering does this then use it. However, other ways of communication need to be used too.