Sunday, November 25, 2007

Stop! Hammertime!

Just about everyone is familiar with MC Hammer's hit singles "Too Legit to Quit," "Super Freak" and my all time favorite, "U Can't Touch This." And we can't forget about his signature dance moves, genie looking pants nor catch phrase that pretty much captured the attention of all youth in the 1990s!

Well...MC Hammer aims to bring the social experience of dance online., co-founded by MC Hammer and Geoffrey Arone, will allow its users to upload and share their latest dance moves. Now all the people "crankin' dat soulja boy" can compete with others doing their own rendition of the popular dance.
"There are already plenty of dance videos on YouTube and MySpace, but there isn't one community for these people to express themselves...DanceJam will provide that."
Hammer is also partnering up with hip-hop guru Russell Simmons and AOL founder Steve Case to back up Web-based companies such as Qloud. Qloud is the second most popular music application on Facebook after iLike, which has a similar concept. It is an endless free music library that allows friends to share music clips and includes links to iTunes to purchase songs and links to other music video applications used on Facebook. As we all know, social networking sites are what's happening nowadays. There is nothing better than having a little music to spice up our personal pages!

If you are trying to find an alternative to the usual social networking sites and you are interested in the hip-hop culture, you may want to join GlobalGrind, a customizable Web page that is also backed by Simmons. It is a one stop shop for music, entertainment, news, comedy, spirituality, etc.

Not only are these smart entrepreneurial moves, but they are great efforts in bringing social media into the music world. Check them out!

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