Sunday, November 25, 2007

Social Media in Sports

Last week David Utter cited two websites that have integrated sports with social media.

We have seen plenty of discussions of social media, and its impact on the
mainstream news. Sports hasn't received the same attention as topics like the
various Presidential campaigns. But the performance of sites like Ballhype and Yardbarker may change this.

My question is why haven't more people taken an interest to this section of social media?

On sites like Yardbarker, you can read Greg Oden's, Carmelo Anthony's and Diana Taurasi's blogs. Making the athletes more available will give the fans more insight into the players' lives.

These sites also host forums where a marketplace of ideas can be exchanged from debating sports topics to the hottest rumor. If sports fanatics weren't able to partake in these, how much fun would watching sports be? ESPN's two highest rated TV shows see sports reporters arguing over sports. The viewers aren't even allowed in these conversations so imagine how volatile the conversation gets when someone laughs at Alabama for losing to Louisiana-Monroe?

This topic is one we haven't discussed in class nor has any professional we talked to brought this category up. Maybe it's time we should.


Carmel Joseph said...

I definitely believe there should be more blogs geared towards sports. Social media methods such as blogging are beneficial to all industries. Furthermore, entertainment is such a big part of everyone's life so this is a great way to integrate public participation. Not to mention, debates over games and other sporting events can get really heated so I think they would be very successful....and interesting!

Savannah Harp said...

I absolutely agree there hasn't been any talk about the use of social media in sports! I love that there are athletes blogging out there. I have a lot of links on my blog for sports blogs, and you're right the conversations do tend to get a little heated and that's the number one reason I am a constant reader of these blogs!