Tuesday, November 13, 2007

YouTube Podcasting

Have you ever been browsing YouTube and found a video so hilarious that you just had to share it with your friends? Well, of course you're saying, "I can think of a million and one ways to do that." True enough. But say you're a real procrastinator, and taking the time to send out that link via an e-mail or instant message is simply too much to ask. Welcome to my world. No, seriously... I'm that lazy. Anyway, just today I saw a featured video called "How to YouTube Podcast" (posted below). It was very short and informative and it basically offered a nice solution to my slothful tendencies. By taking just a few minutes (I know, I know) to set it up, you can sync YouTube with iTunes on your computer. That way, whenever you plug in your iPod to charge it or add new content, all your favorite YouTube videos will instantly be uploaded onto the device. Presto! Now I've got all those hilarious videos with me everywhere I go. And the next time I see my friends (you know, the ones I "forgot" to link to), I can whip out my iPod and we can all get in on the laughter.

So without further delay, here's uber-nerd Mark Erickson walking you through the relatively simple process of YouTube podcasting:

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Alicin Hendricks said...

Hahaha! That guy kind of looks like Pete from "Pete and Pete!" Great idea though!