Thursday, October 25, 2007

org adoption readings for 10/30

Thanks to Edelman, you already have the hardcopy version of the "Corporate Social Responsibility and Sustainability in the Blogosphere" booklet they did with First&42nd. (Thanks Edelman).

Additionally, please read "Blog bias: Reports, inferences, and judgments of credentialed bloggers at the 2004 nominating conventions�," which is an academic journal article in press.

See you after fall break!


k said...

Related but not required is this post from the Leading Edge blog about Dell going from "worst to first" regarding online conversation:

k said...

Also related but not required is this interview with a Cali-based chef who uses her blog as PR - she dishes out (no pun intended) regular doses of kitchen advice ranging from tools to recipes. Her Social TNT interview is posted: